[en] Introduction

Bonan tagon/Good day! Welcome to my latest blog, this time using self-hosted WriteFreely. Hopefully, this blog will stay around for a bit longer than the last ones did.

I wanted to make a quick introductory post, now that this is set up. So, let's start with who I am. I'm known as Ludoviko (or simply Ludo) in most places on the internet but my AFK and development name is Louis. How did I come to be known as Ludoviko? Well I chose that name since it's the closest name to mine in Esperanto. That's the other thing with this blog, I'll eventually try to write more in Esperanto so keep an eye on the tag in [] in the name of the post. en being British English and eo being Esperanto.

Contacting me

You can contact me in the following places: – MatrixE-post

Kun espero, Ludoviko


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